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Name: Émilie Du Lester
Also Known As: Em, Emma, Emmi
Titles: The Crimson Countess
Age: 1896 years old (Looks 20)
Birthday: October 31st
Nationality: France
Species: Vampire
Blood Status: Pure-blooded Vampire
Blood Type: B
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Past/Bio: Émilie was born on the year 119 on the 31st of October, in a forest, not far from the place now called Paris. Dumbldore gave her rights to be on school premises, and she now teaches her own class, called "Studies on Mythical entities". Sun doesn't burn her, it's just annoying, so she uses an umbrella to get around in the day. She once had a mother and father, but they abandoned her when she was 32 (that's young in Vampire years). She ended up by herself, and then Dumbldore found her.
About Him/Her
Personality: Often fun and laid back, she's rated the best teacher in Hogwarts. At first, people are scared of her because of her race, but ease up eventually.
:iconlestalkerinzecloset:LeStalkerInZeCloset 0 0
Naruto OC: October Elvira
OC Template: Naruto
by PunkPrincess9493
Name: October Elvira
Also Known As: O, Oct, El, Ella
Title/s: The Maiden of the Night
Age: Pre: 13, Shippuden: 17
Birthday: October 31st
Species: Human
Blood Type:0+
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Past/Bio: Being an orphan at a young age, October closed herself up so no-one could harm her. Her clan was harsh on her, seeing she had the bloodline limit. So she got into fights often to keep her occupied. Her small frame made it easy to dodge attacks.
About Him/Her
Personality: She's closed up when you first meet her, but after a while, she shows her sarcastic side
-Embarrassing Genins
-Being an ass
-Being told what to do
-Emo duckbutts *cough*Sasuke*cough*
-Waking up early
Hobbies: Sleeping, Eating, Reading
Fears: Oblivion, Losing those close to her
Strength: Her loved ones,
Weakness: Death
Talents: Art, Speed
:iconlestalkerinzecloset:LeStalkerInZeCloset 0 0
~[Harry Potter OC]~
Template Structure Belongs to PunkPrincess9493
August Belongs to Me
Harry Potter Belongs to J.K Rowling
Name:August Percilla Violet Ivana Benselta
Also Known As:August, Aug
Birthday:28th of February 1978
Nationality: English
Blood Status:Half-blood
Blood Type: O+
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Past/Bio: August used to live with her mother, father, and little sister in the muggle world, away from society. While she went out to fetch firewood one day,her house was attacked by death-eaters. She learned that her father was one of them, but he ran away to have his family. August's family all died and she got amnesia.
About Him/Her
Personality:She can be shy at times, but other than that, August is a Friendly girl.
Occupation: Witch
-The Dark
-Soft Beds
-Strong wind
Hobbies:Singing, Writing, Reading, Playing the Guitar.
:iconlestalkerinzecloset:LeStalkerInZeCloset 0 0


Ron X Reader: Love Potion
You were sitting in the Gryffindor common room. Everyone else was either asleep or in their dorms, so it was just you and Ron. As you read a book in one of the comfy chairs by the fire, the ginger was sitting by the window. Beams of moonlight lit up his features, and he had the stupidest smile on his lips. You just decided to ignore him. God knows what George or Fred did to him. Because you just assumed it was them. You had no idea, honestly. As you turned the page of your book, you heard him sigh dreamily.
“You’re so pretty…”
You suddenly stopped reading, more than confused. You stared at the book before you slowly looked up at him. He was still staring at the moon.
Ron sighed dreamily once again before he looked at you over his shoulder, that stupid smile on his lips.
“You. You’re so pretty.”
You stared at him in confusion. You two were decent friends, yes, but he never complimented you. You though
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 229 31
Sexier Than Us : Hiro Hamada x Reader
Eventually, you all went back to the park.
"We can wait here 'till your mom picks us up." Austin said to your friend. "Until then, wanna hang out on the kiddy playground? It's empty."
"Sure!" Your friend giggled as they ran over to the playground, a little ways away. You and Hiro sat on a park bench.
"Well, it's been a crazy day." You said.
"True story." Hiro said. "I finally manned up."
You laughed. "And it's kind of nice that you did, so I don't have to make everything happen."
You both sat silently, and for some reason, you became increasingly uncomfortable.
"Darn. This is the bench where Carson and I..." You shrugged.
"Yeah." Hiro looked down.
"I'll never be able to apologize enough." You said.
"You have. I know how much you love the feeling of love. I had been working on my project a lot... And we didn't do much together." Hiro said.
"That's still no excuse." You said. "But at least we're kind of past it. And now we are being fangirls over Austin and (F/N)."
Hiro looked at you. "T
:iconyear65:Year65 125 26
Request : Itachi x OC - Prankster
Itachi was sitting at a cafe table with his little brother Sasuke. It wasn't often that they got to spend time together like that. Sasuke happily ate his lunch, making a bit of a mess and Itachi laughed. Suddenly he heard something behind him and sighed
"Don't even think about it" He said flatly, looking straight ahead
"Oh, you killjoy!"
He smiled and shook his head as Shizako sat next to Sasuke
"Shizako!" He cheered
"How did you know I was behind you?" She asked, sounding peeved
"You breathe loud ... that and I can read you like a book" Itachi said, taking a sip of hot tea
She pouted and folded her arms. Sasuke copied her and Itachi sighed
"You're a bad influence on him ..." He said, trying not to laugh
"No she's not, she's the second bestest person in the world!" Sasuke said
"Oh? And who might the best be?" She asked
"My brother! He's so cool!" He replied proudly
"Well, he certainly is something" She said, looking at Itachi with a smile
He stuck his tongue out at her and continued to
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 53 20
Kakashi x Student!reader part 15
You awoke to a loud crash and a stream of curses coming from down stairs. Pushing yourself up from your bed you frowned at the fact you would no longer be able to lie in on your birthday. Swinging your legs off the side of the bed and changing into casual clothing, you went to investigate the noises from down stairs.  
Strolling into your kitchen, you sighed loudly at the amount of smoke and mess there was scattered about the room, “Kakashi, what are you doing?”
Your boyfriend turned away from oven he had been trying to drag what looked like a cake out of towards you and smiled, his face no longer hidden by his mask.
“I’m sorry did I wake you?” he asks standing and attempting to brush of his messy hands before pulling you into a hug.
“Yes, actually you did” you complain returning the hug and pouting childishly “I think I need all the kisses to make up for it”
You felt his chest vibrate as he chuckles deeply and plants a soft ki
:iconthe-banshee-queen:The-Banshee-Queen 221 60
Mature content
Sebastian X Master Reader (Lemon) :iconkathyann1:KathyAnn1 575 374
The Promise From Me to You (Levi x Reader) Final
Neither of us were there for breakfast that day. I don’t know about her, but I was exhausted and the soreness of my body made me not want to move all morning. I was in and out of sleep, not really seeing anything. It was nice and relaxing, but eventually I decided I should wake up.
The two of us were in time for lunch. As we entered the mess hall ________ immediately began walking toward her friends, but I grabbed her arm. She glanced at me.
“Something wrong Levi?”
“Sit with me.” I commanded. She raised an eyebrow. “I thought you didn’t want anyone to think bad things about me. About us.” She asked.
I scoffed at the idea and pulled her along behind me. Sitting her down, I tilted her head up by the chin and smiled at her. “After everything that’s happened, I just want to keep you by my side. I won’t say I don’t care, because I have no doubt you do. But-“
“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,
:iconotakuforthewin:OtakuForTheWin 204 327
Laxus X Reader Date
You dabbed a bit of lip gloss over your lips. Stepping back from the table mirror, you gave yourself a once over. You had a turquoise shirt on, with blue skinny jeans. Your (h/l) (h/c) hair you had left down, adding a little dark blue flower clip near your left ear. Smiling at your refection, you added some green and gold bangles to your right forearm, and matching dangly earrings. You walked downstairs and found the brown heeled boots you had decided to wear for the date. Slipping them on, you grabbed your handbag, which had your wallet, phone, keys and camera. You sat down on the bottom step of the stair case and waited for your date to arrive.
Five minutes later your door bell rang. Opening it, you saw your boyfriend of four years. You smiled at him, taking in his scruffy jeans and white shirt. His blonde hair was messy, but you could tell he had ran a brush through it.
"Laxus!" You greeted, hugging him. He smiled, and returned the hug. You stayed in his embrace for several moments,
:iconshadowzaraki:ShadowZaraki 168 104


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